"A jewelry company made by friends for friends"


Mallory is our North Texas gal who has considered Austin home for the past three years. She loves her cat Cash (as in Johnny), her boyfriend Jeramy, their sweet German Shepherd Jade, and a good cowboy hat. When she’s not working, you can find her sipping something with tequila at a patio happy hour. 


Hannah is our east Texas small town girl who, after a brief six year hiatus in Mexico, finds herself living in Austin with her two precious kittens, Pinta and Wednesday. She loves nothing more than cheering on her nephews at their baseball games, but you can also find her at a kickboxing class or kicking back with her friends and a glass of sparkling.


Taylor is our Austin, Texas native who’s roamed a little but always comes back home - discovering and sharing the hidden happy spots of the town gives her life, and when she’s not running around with her friends on an impromptu road trip, you can find her curled up on her balcony with some red wine and a good book.